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Explore the Ultimate On Road Running Collection

Welcome to the world of On, where innovation, style, and performance converge to redefine your road running experience. Our On Road Running Collection is a symphony of cutting-edge technology, comfort, and aesthetics, and it includes some of our most iconic models: Cloudmonster, Cloud X 3, Cloudflow, Cloudgo, Cloudrunner, and Cloudswift. Get ready to discover a new level of excellence in road running.

Cloudmonster - Unleash the Beast: Experience the sensation of running on clouds like never before. With our biggest CloudTec® elements and an ultra-powerful Speedboard®, the Cloudmonster delivers extreme soft landings and maximum rebound. This shoe is not just a monster of a ride; it's a game-changer for your runs.

Cloud X 3 - Elevate Your Training: Versatile, dynamic, and stylish, the Cloud X 3 is designed to take your training to the next level. Whether you're hitting the gym or going for a cross-training session, these shoes offer the perfect blend of cushioning and support for a responsive and comfortable ride.

Cloudflow - Speed Redefined: For those who crave speed, the Cloudflow is your go-to choice. With a Speedboard® shaped for high speeds and an evolved CloudTec® outsole, these shoes are engineered for maximum performance. Whether you're crushing a 5K or a marathon, the Cloudflow will help you achieve your personal best.

Cloudgo - Upgrade Your Comfort: From your first run to your 50th, the Cloudgo offers next-level comfort through every stride. With CloudTec® cushioning technology and a responsive TPU Speedboard®, these shoes are designed to boost your energy and make your runs more enjoyable.

Cloudrunner - Brace for No Impact: The Cloudrunner offers a super-soft landing thanks to CloudTec® cushioning in ultralight Zero-Gravity foam. With a wider bottom unit and a cradle-shaped construction, these shoes provide support and comfort with every step. Say goodbye to impact and hello to a smoother run.

Cloudswift - Shortcut to Runner's High: Developed with elite athletes, the Cloudswift is faster than ever. The explosive Speedboard® loads every stride with spring-like energy, making it perfect for high speeds and maximum comfort. Whether you're running a 5K or a marathon, the Cloudswift is your shortcut to a runner's high.

Each shoe in our On Road Running Collection is a masterpiece of design and engineering, crafted to meet the unique demands of road running. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your running journey, these shoes will elevate your performance, provide unmatched comfort, and make a bold statement with your active lifestyle.

So, lace up your favorite pair from our collection and hit the road with confidence. It's time to experience the future of road running with On.