Introducing the Saucony Ride 17: Your Ultimate Daily Movement Companion

In a world filled with screens and distractions, the Saucony Ride 17 becomes your passport to rekindling the love for movement. Crafted with innovation and care, these shoes stand as the perfect partners for your daily journey.

Support for Every Stride

Looking for a neutral shoe that supports your natural gait? The Saucony Ride 17 delivers. Bid farewell to discomfort and welcome the freedom of a neutral support system. Let your feet move naturally, just as they were designed to.

Light as a Feather

The Saucony Ride 17 prioritizes lightweight performance. Weighing in at just 9.9oz (282g) for men and 8.4oz (238g) for women, these shoes won't weigh you down. Feel the agility and lightness as you conquer your daily activities with ease.

Unparalleled Cushioning with PWRRUN+ Foam

Step into the extraordinary softness and springiness of PWRRUN+ foam. It's like walking on clouds, offering you unmatched comfort and energy return. Every step becomes a delightful experience, whether it's a warm-up or an uptempo run.

Enhanced Fit for Maximum Comfort

Feedback from Ride 16 has driven the design of the Ride 17 to provide an improved fit that envelops your feet in comfort. It's like a personalized embrace for your feet, making each stride pure pleasure.

Breathable and Comfortable

The Ride 17 features an engineered mesh upper that ensures extra breathability and comfort. Your feet stay cool and dry, even during demanding activities. It's a shoe crafted to keep you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Eco-Friendly and Vegan

Sustainability and animal welfare take center stage in the Ride 17's design. Crafted with recycled materials, it is 100% vegan, making it an environmentally conscious choice for your daily movement.

More Rebound, Less Screen Time

In a world dominated by screens, the Saucony Ride 17 offers an escape. Experience more rebound with an 8mm offset and a 35/27mm sole. These shoes provide superior protection, durability, and the motivation you need to put your phone on "Do Not Disturb" and embrace the joy of movement.

Rediscover the Joy of Movement

Reclaim your run time from your screen time. The Saucony Ride 17 represents a complete transformation, delivering a natural dopamine hit every time you move your feet. Rediscover the thrill of physical activity, from warm-up routines to uptempo runs.

Order now and experience the all-new Saucony Ride 17. Put your feet first, embrace daily movement, and rediscover the joy of running. Make the switch today.

Join the movement with Saucony Ride 17. Your feet will thank you.