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Meet Tony Post, the visionary founder and CEO behind Topo Athletic, a brand that revolutionizes the way you run, walk, and hike.

Tony's journey with running began during his college years in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he became an integral part of his school's D1 track and cross-country teams. After graduating, Tony pursued his passion by moving to Massachusetts to compete professionally. However, like many dedicated athletes, Tony faced recurring setbacks due to injuries, overtraining, and ill-fitting shoes.

Determined to make a difference, Tony transitioned his love for running into a career in the footwear industry. With nearly three decades of experience under his belt, he realized that there was a crucial missing element in the market—a shoe that could combine the benefits of natural running with the comfort and support of traditional running shoes.

In 2013, Tony embarked on a groundbreaking journey, co-founding Topo Athletic with a small, dedicated team. Their mission was clear: to help people move better. Believing that movement is at the center of wellness, Topo Athletic aims to transcend physical fitness into mental health and a connection to nature and others.

That’s why the Topo Difference was born – creating products that help individuals keep going, keep trying, and keep moving. The distinctive fit and feel of Topo shoes ensure that you don’t even think about what’s on your feet or the injury that used to plague you. With a roomy toe box to help toes align naturally for better balance, stability, and comfort, and a secure midfoot and heel design that ensures nimbleness, agility, and security on any terrain, Topo Athletic shoes feature a low heel-to-toe drop, encouraging a midfoot strike when running, allowing you to move naturally through the gait cycle.

Topo Athletic celebrates not only the victors and record setters but also builds products for those who get out there every day, regardless of weather, speed, energy, or mood. The real victory, as Topo Athletic believes, lies in being able to move freely and comfortably again tomorrow.

At Topo Athletic, it's all about transforming lives through movement—a journey that Tony Post initiated, promising to elevate your performance and your passion for an active lifestyle.