Mizuno Women's Wave Exceed Tour 6 AC - White/Radiant Red

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By Mizuno
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Discover the future of racquet sports excellence with the Mizuno Women's Wave Exceed Tour 6 AC in White/Radiant Red. Redesigned from scratch, this latest iteration of the Wave Exceed Tour series stands as a testament to Mizuno's relentless pursuit of perfection. Tailored for advanced tennis and pickleball players, this shoe delivers a harmonious blend of speed, agility, and comfort, propelling you to perform at your peak and exceed every expectation on the court.

Central to its design is the revolutionary ENERZY NXT located in the midsole's forefoot area, marking it as Mizuno's most responsive and lightest ENERZY material to date. This innovation ensures explosive acceleration and swift change of direction, providing you with optimal performance and the ultimate energy return with every move you make.

Complementing the ENERZY NXT, the shoe features an updated MIZUNO WAVE® plate alongside an expanded D-Flex Groove. This combination significantly boosts lateral stability and facilitates the conversion of power into speed, enabling you to navigate the court with unparalleled ease and precision.

The Wave Exceed Tour 6 AC distinguishes itself as one of the market's fastest and lightest shoes, thanks to the introduction of the new Dyna-Fit Eyelet and a reimagined, cushioned tongue. These features work in tandem to offer an exceptional level of comfort and fit, ensuring your feet remain secure and supported through every game and match.

The shoe's innovative design includes the new DuRubber outsole, which achieves a perfect equilibrium between sliding capability and stopping power, granting you complete control over your movements. This is further enhanced by the shoe's key features:

  • ENERZY NXT technology for unmatched speed and performance.
  • MIZUNO WAVE® plate for superior cushioning and stability.
  • POWNCE midsole material, offering resilience and lightweight comfort.
  • D-Flex Groove for increased lateral stability and power translation.
  • 3D-Solid upper, delivering durability, breathability, and unparalleled softness.
  • DuRubber outsole for extended durability and movement control.
  • Dyna-Eyelet Wrap for a secure, snug fit catering to dynamic movements.

The Mizuno Women's Wave Exceed Tour 6 AC in White/Radiant Red not only stands out with its vibrant color scheme but also sets a new standard in racquet sports footwear. Engineered to empower your performance and magnify your presence on the court, this shoe is your ally in surpassing your limits and achieving victory. Step into the Wave Exceed Tour 6 AC and experience the pinnacle of sports innovation, where every match becomes an opportunity to showcase your unparalleled skill and determination.