SAS Women's Simplify Slip On Loafer - Black

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These timeless SAS Women's Simplify Slip On Loafers combine classic style and plush comfort in one shoe. Featuring a soft leather design with padded lining to provide a snug fit, the removable cushioned footbed and lightweight shock-absorbing sole provide superior cushioning and support. Available in smooth and textured leathers, with a 1" heel, they are perfect for elegant, all-day style.

Designed to follow the shape and natural arches of your foot, Simplify utilizes our comfortable Tripad-Moc™ Technology for extra comfort and support. Simplify provides extra toe room to allow your foot to properly set when walking as well as a soft shock-reducing polyurethane sole for a lighter, cushioned step.

  • TRIPAD® Technology: Comfort system that provides shock-absorption and support to the three main pressure points of the foot: inside ball, outside ball and heel.

  • SAS Comfort Footbed: Our SAS soft microfiber is wrapped over a thick shock absorbing cushion in order to provide a comfortable footbed that contours to the foot.

  • Genuine Moccasin Construction: The hand laced moccasin construction wraps soft supple leather completely around your foot and allows great flexibility.

  • Cushion Outsole: Superior Polyurethane material is durable, flexible, and provides long lasting cushion for all day comfort.