XTRATUF Women's Salmon Sisters Legacy Waterproof Clog - Brown/Puffin

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The slip-on version of an Alaskan staple in the commercial and sport fishing industry, these clogs will give you the flexible, all-day comfort that you love about our Classic Legacy Boot with increased versatility for you to step-in and get to work. This Salmon Sisters version includes an interior Puffin print lining.

Our inspiration from the ocean runs deep. Featuring all the Legacy boot elements we rely on for our work on the water, the puffin collection comes alive with our favorite seabirds, who are some of Alaska's finest fishermen themselves. Like our fishing community, the horned and tufted puffin spend much of their lives at sea. From the boat, we spot them in colonies nesting on coastal islands and diving from cliffs to gain speed for flight - bouncing off the waves to gain altitude, using their big fit for propulsion, and diving deep down into the water to catch fish. Puffins make us smile as they fly past - their colorful beaks full of herring lined up neatly crosswise, their busy wingbeats, and animated characteristics always inspire us to hustle - there are fish to catch, work to do! "”The Salmon Sisters