On Men's Cloud 5 Waterproof - Olive/Black

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Experience the ultimate in weather-ready footwear with the On Men's Cloud 5 Waterproof in Olive/Black. This iteration of the popular Cloud 5 series has been specially engineered to withstand wet conditions, all while maintaining a stylish and versatile appearance. With up to 50% recycled materials, this sneaker not only delivers performance but also supports a more sustainable lifestyle.

Why You'll Love It:

  • Enhanced Cushioning and Stability: The Cloud 5 Waterproof features an improved CloudTec® configuration and an expanded midsole, providing softer landings and enhanced stability. These features make it ideal for maintaining comfort and performance in challenging weather conditions.

  • Sustainably Waterproof: Equipped with a breathable waterproof membrane that effectively keeps moisture out while allowing your feet to breathe, this shoe is crafted with the environment in mind, incorporating 100% recycled materials for responsible climate control.

  • Speed-Lacing System: Enjoy the convenience of the speed-lacing system, which ensures a quick, secure fit without the fuss of tying knots. For those who prefer traditional lacing, the sneaker also includes a pair of standard laces.

Additional Details:

  • Weight: At 281g, the Cloud 5 Waterproof is lightweight, ensuring that weather protection doesn’t come at the expense of agility or comfort, making it perfect for active use in any conditions.

  • Waterproof Performance: Fully prepared for wet weather, this sneaker keeps your feet dry and comfortable, whether you're navigating rainy city streets or muddy paths.

  • Heel to Toe Drop: The shoe features an 8mm drop, promoting a natural gait and alignment, which helps to minimize discomfort during extended wear.

  • Materials: About 40% of the sneaker is made from recycled materials, highlighting On’s commitment to reducing environmental impact. The upper consists of approximately 90% recycled polyester.

  • Supplier Transparency: Produced in Hongfu, Vietnam, the Cloud 5 Waterproof is manufactured under conditions that adhere to strict ethical standards, ensuring transparency and fairness in production.

  • Size & Fit: Designed to fit true to size with a regular fit, this sneaker accommodates most foot shapes comfortably.

The On Men's Cloud 5 Waterproof in Olive/Black is more than just a running shoe; it’s a versatile, all-weather ally that ensures you can perform your best, regardless of the elements. With its robust Olive/Black colorway and sustainable features, this sneaker is perfect for those who demand both style and functionality in their footwear. Whether tackling harsh weather or simply enjoying a damp morning jog, these shoes provide the protection, comfort, and performance needed to keep you moving forward.