On Men's Cloud X 3 - Mist/Rock

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Introducing the On Men's Cloud X 3 Training Shoes in the captivating Mist/Rock colorway. These exceptional training shoes are designed to elevate your performance to new heights, delivering a superior experience with their ultralight construction, highly reactive design, impeccable fit, and unmatched breathability. Born from the world of running but crafted for every activity, the Cloud X 3 is your ultimate fitness companion.

Size & Fit:
The Cloud X 3 offers a regular fit, staying true to your size for a comfortable and snug feel.

Materials & Transparency:

  • Materials:
    • Recycled Content: Approximately 35% of the shoe is made from recycled materials, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability.
    • Supplier Transparency: Sourced from Hongfu and Zucca in Vietnam, these shoes uphold our transparency standards.

The cushioning in these shoes is low, ensuring a responsive and natural feel while you move.

Featuring a Star lacing system, our shoes wrap around and securely hold your foot in place for enhanced stability.

Heel to Toe Drop:
With an 8mm heel to toe drop, these shoes provide the ideal balance for your workouts.

Key Features:

  • Ultralight Weight: At just 243g per shoe, the Cloud X 3 is incredibly lightweight, reducing fatigue and allowing you to perform at your best.
  • 3-Layer Mesh: Enjoy exceptional breathability and support thanks to our innovative 3-layer mesh design.
  • Wider Platform: Experience superior stability, support, and confidence with the wider platform construction.
  • Speedboard® Technology: Our Speedboard® technology ensures explosive take-offs in every direction, enhancing your agility and responsiveness.
  • Sustainability: We take pride in using 35-40% recycled materials, making these shoes not only high quality but also environmentally conscious.
  • Molded Heel Cap: The molded heel cap provides additional support and confidence, allowing you to push your limits.
  • Star Lacing: The unique Star lacing system not only secures your foot but also adds to the overall style of the shoe.

Ultralight and Reactive:
Speed, intensity, and focus are essential in any workout, and the Cloud X 3 is designed to make them attainable. These shoes redefine the limits of weight, agility, and versatility, ensuring that you can react, respond, and conquer every workout and run with ease.

Work out. Help out.:
Our commitment goes beyond performance. We're dedicated to minimizing our impact on the planet. The Cloud X 3 features a re-engineered 3-layer mesh made from 90-95% recycled content, offering optimized breathability, confidence-boosting support, and exceptional durability. With these shoes, you're not just improving yourself; you're contributing to a better world.

Made for Everything:
These shoes are born from our expertise in running but are made for every movement you make. Whether it's squats, lunges, intervals, burpees, or any other activity, the improved fit, star lacing, 3-layer mesh, CloudTec®, and Speedboard® technologies combine to support you at every step. Feel the confidence and unleash your fitness potential with the On Men's Cloud X 3 Training Shoes. Your journey to greatness begins with every step you take in these remarkable shoes.