On Men's Cloudgo - Mahogany/Ivory

Men's Road Running
By On
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Elevate your running experience with the On Men's Cloudgo Running Shoes in the captivating Mahogany/Ivory color combination. These shoes are designed to take your running to the next level, providing superior comfort and upgraded energy return.

Size & Fit: The Cloudgo offers a regular fit that aligns perfectly with true sizing, ensuring a comfortable and precise fit for your runs.

Materials & Transparency:

  • Approximately 30% recycled content, including 90% recycled polyester
  • Proudly assembled by Dean Shoes in Vietnam, reflecting a commitment to transparency.

Cushioning: These shoes feature mid-level cushioning, striking the ideal balance between impact absorption and responsiveness for an exceptional running experience.

Road Running Style: Designed with a neutral running style in mind, the Cloudgo works harmoniously with the natural rolling motion of your foot, delivering a smooth ride with each stride.

Lacing Options: Opt for the standard lacing system to secure your feet comfortably and efficiently.

Heel to Toe Drop: With an 11mm heel-to-toe drop, these shoes are versatile and cater to various running styles and preferences.

Key Features:

  • Featherlight at just 256g, ensuring lightweight agility and comfort during your runs.
  • CloudTec® cushioning technology provides soft cushioning and exceptional energy return.
  • New TPU Speedboard® and forefoot rocker offer smooth rolling and enhanced performance.
  • Engineered polyester mesh upper, along with a closed outsole, ensures comfort and durability.
  • Helion™ superfoam enhances responsiveness and overall comfort.
  • Up to 30% total recycled content demonstrates a commitment to sustainability.

Upgrade Your Comfort: From your very first run to your 50th, the Cloudgo ensures next-level comfort with every stride. Featuring CloudTec® cushioning technology and the dynamic energy return of the new TPU Speedboard®, these lightweight shoes are engineered to keep you at the top of your game, propelling you toward new heights.

Next-Level Tech: The Cloudgo is equipped with game-changing technologies such as CloudTec® cushioning and the TPU Speedboard®, offering soft landings, impact protection, and impressive energy return. Prioritizing sustainability, an engineered polyester mesh made from 85-90% recycled materials is integrated.

Motivation Master: Whether you're just starting your running journey or striving to achieve new goals, the Cloudgo is engineered to provide the energy boost needed to go the distance. From its soft cushioning to the forefoot rocker for a seamless rolling motion, these shoes are designed for everyone who wants to enhance their running performance.

Meet CloudTec®: Experience advanced cushioning technology that adapts to every runner, providing the ultimate comfort and support. At On, the mission is to ignite the human spirit through movement. Inspired by athletes and powered by Swiss engineering, you are invited to move and dream on. Game on.