Pikolinos Women's Granada W0W-4837 - Black

Mary Jane Shoes
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Embrace the perfect blend of sophistication and unparalleled comfort with the Pikolinos Granada Women's Mary Jane Shoes in timeless Black. These shoes aren't just an accessory; they're a declaration of refined taste, a testament to your commitment to unparalleled comfort, and a reliable companion that safeguards every step you take. Designed for the woman who doesn't compromise on beauty or well-being, the Granada Mary Jane is your ideal partner for any adventure—from meandering through the historic lanes of an old town to making a powerful impression in the corporate world.

These Mary Jane shoes are expertly crafted from 100% calfskin leather for the upper, offering both a luxurious touch and a stunning visual appeal that matures beautifully over time. This premium material not only promises enduring style but also guarantees lasting durability, presenting an elegant demeanor with every step you take. The interior is thoughtfully lined with a mix of 75% other materials and 25% textile, wrapping your feet in breathable comfort and gentle support all day long.

Built on a foundation of 100% synthetic sole, these shoes are designed for resilience and excellent traction, ensuring a secure footing on any surface. They empower you to move with assurance and grace, no matter where your journey takes you.

At the heart of the Granada Mary Jane's design is the emphasis on comfort, featuring a cushioned insole that softly envelops your feet. The removable insole option allows for personalized orthotic solutions, ensuring an impeccable fit tailored to your foot's unique shape. Furthermore, the padded ankle collar enhances the snugness and protection, eliminating any risk of discomfort or blisters.

These Mary Janes also feature a memory foam insole made of 85% recycled material, showcasing Pikolinos' dedication to environmental responsibility. This insole is engineered to deliver utmost arch and heel support with advanced arch support technology, providing an additional layer of cushioned support that molds to the natural contours of your foot, guaranteeing unmatched comfort with each step.

With a modest heel height of 3.5 cm (1.4 inches), these shoes provide a gentle lift, enhancing your posture and complementing the sleek silhouette of the Mary Jane design without compromising on comfort.

Key Features:

  • Upper: 100% calfskin leather for unmatched elegance and longevity.
  • Inner Lining: A breathable blend of materials for all-day comfort.
  • Sole: Durable 100% synthetic sole for superior stability and long wear.
  • Cushioned Insole: Offers unparalleled underfoot comfort.
  • Removable Insole: Facilitates custom orthotic adjustments.
  • Padded Ankle Collar: Ensures added comfort and protection.
  • Heel Height: A practical 3.5 cm (1.4 inches) for a subtle elegance.
  • Memory Foam Insole: Features 85% recycled material with arch support technology for ultimate comfort.

Choose the Pikolinos Granada Women's Mary Jane Shoes in Black for a harmonious combination of style, comfort, and protection, ensuring that every step you take is infused with grace and confidence.