Topo Athletic Men's MT-5 - Blue/Red

Trail Running Shoes
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Introducing the Topo Athletic Men's MT-5 Trail Running Shoes in the bold Blue/Red colorway - the ultimate choice for trail enthusiasts seeking power and style in their performance. Get ready to elevate your trail running game with these rugged yet refined shoes. Here's what sets them apart:

Best For: Trail Running

Experience the untamed terrain with the Topo Athletic MT-5, meticulously crafted for men who conquer the trails.

Stack Height: 28mm (heel) // 23mm (forefoot)

Experience enhanced cushioning for navigating challenging terrains, all while maintaining your agility and responsiveness.

Heel to Toe Drop: 5MM

With a 5mm drop, these shoes strike the perfect balance between natural movement and unwavering stability, letting you dominate moderate trails effortlessly.

Weight: 9.3 OZ (M9)

These trail warriors boast a sturdy build without sacrificing agility, allowing you to power through the wilderness with determination.

Gaiter Compatible: No

While these shoes don't come gaiter-compatible, additional protection against dirt, rocks, and debris on the trails is available through separate gaiters.

Rock Plate: No

The MT-5 offers a responsive and natural feel, giving you confidence without sacrificing protection.

Balanced Cushioning, Neutral Support, Moderate Pliability

  • Balanced Cushioning: These shoes provide just the right amount of cushioning, ensuring your feet stay comfortable without compromising on ruggedness. Enjoy a smoother ride with minimized impact on your joints, letting you tackle the trails with confidence.

  • Neutral Support: Designed with a neutral support structure, the MT-5 caters to men with a natural pronation pattern or those who underpronate (supinate). These shoes support your foot's innate movement, enabling you to run effortlessly and efficiently.

  • Moderate Pliability: The moderate pliability of the midsole ensures you get the perfect blend of responsiveness and flexibility with each stride. Your feet can move freely while still receiving the essential support and energy return, minimizing the risk of overstraining during your adventures.


  • Gaiter Compatible (sold separately): For those seeking extra trail protection, gaiter compatibility is an option, keeping dirt and debris at bay.

  • Ortholite Footbed: Revel in comfortable insoles with long-term resilience and anti-microbial properties, ensuring your feet stay comfortable and fresh through every trail journey.

  • Vibram Outsole: The newly refined Vibram® XS Trek EVO outsole delivers unbeatable grip, traction, and durability, giving you the confidence to conquer diverse terrains, supported by the industry leaders in technical outsoles.

  • Zip Foam: The proprietary midsole compound, ZipFoam™, delivers superior cushioning and resilience compared to traditional EVA. It's springier, offering increased rebound over the life of the shoe, ensuring enduring comfort and performance.

The Topo Athletic Men's MT-5 Trail Running Shoes in Blue/Red are your passport to an elevated trail running experience. Whether you're a seasoned trail blazer or just beginning your journey, these shoes are designed to push your limits with rugged style, unwavering support, and unmatched traction. Step into the wild with power and confidence - it's time to conquer those trails, one stride at a time.